Swiss Annuities Are Better Investment Options Than Other Investment Tools

Published: 08th August 2011
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My name is Jim Truong, and here are the results of my research on Swiss annuities. Everyone in my classes has been asking me to look them up. I researched the information and found that the most credible sources are the Swiss Annuity Consumer Bureau and Gonthier Group, a major Swiss annuity provider (you can download many PDF brochures that give you information).

As it turns out, Swiss Annuities, whether variable or fixed, are considered life insurance policies as per Swiss law. These investment tools are free of taxes for investors who are not from Switzerland. Both natural individuals and legal entities can be nominated as beneficiaries under Swiss law. In certain kinds of insurance policies and annuities, the legal entity can be designated to be the policyholder as well. In all circumstances, however, the person who is insured needs to be a natural individual. The following paragraphs will shed light upon some of the unique facts about Swiss annuities.

Swiss annuities are very safe, protected, and unstressed investment options. It is possible to get your insurance firm to pay you the annuity in any of the major currencies into any bank. You have the flexibility to choose from the different major currencies from around the world.
Unlike Swiss stocks, bonds, and bank accounts Swiss annuities are not subjected to the 35% tax. Non-residents can enjoy the earnings or gains from these Annuities without paying any withholding taxes. The net return offered by bonds and other investment options is almost half of the return offered by Swiss Annuities. Additionally, your Swiss annuity will never be locked, as it is up to you to cancel or liquidate it any time after 12 months while incurring a very minor fee.

Your Swiss annuity is among the safest insurance policies in the world, as in their 150 year history, no Swiss insurance firm has ever failed. As per Swiss Law, a Swiss insurance firm is required to keep the funds of its clients separate from its operating costs. You can always invest with confidence in Swiss annuities knowing that your money is safe in Switzerland.

Asset Protection is the key to Swiss Annuities. As per Swiss Law, proper management of these annuities enables you to protect them from bankruptcy procedures and creditors. The insurance law of the country protects your Swiss annuity from being seized under any kind of bankruptcy measures. If you name your wife, children, or a third person as beneficiaries, it is not possible for any liens or creditors to claim your Swiss annuity even if they are aware of your Swiss annuity.
The beneficiaries can also be designated as ‘irrevocable’ or ‘revocable.’ When you have life annuities, you would always be receiving annuity payments without worrying if your principal has been exhausted.

When compared with other investments, Swiss annuities are more favorable. This is especially true when Swiss annuities are compared to other investment options after the deduction of commission, fees, withholding taxes, annual operating charges, and income taxes. There is also a strong potential to gain due to significant currency exchange rate. At this point, it is worth noting that the Swiss Franc has considerably gained in value within the last few decades. When considering Swiss annuities, you are ensuring the safety of your capital through asset protection and inflation protection.

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